We’re already at the second look shot during our stay at Milan Fashion Week. This is the look I have worn for the show of the one and only Roberto Cavalli. I must say, I’m always kind of impressed and also always kind of surprised by the enormous crowd of people right in front of the shows. To be honest I feel like the true show is right outside the official show. People are showing (or try to show) theirselves at her best but sometimes the showmanship ends in a complete disaster. I mean, coming to the Cavalli Show in a clown costume (For real? Yes, seriously! Only the red nose was missing!) might arouses attention. But earnestly, everybody notices that cry for attention and it’s ridiculous. So please please please, unless your name is Anna Della Russo or her male version Brian Boy, just let it be! They are probably the only two people all over the world who would even rock in a clown look! Got that?!

ell well, I’m gonna stop with the bad words now and go back to theme. Beside the ridiculous self-exposert there were, needless to say, some super talented and super stylish self-exposers as well. Always exciting to see what the big names in fashion industry come up with. Chiara e.g. has been looking stunning in her Moschino look in honor of the 30th anniversary of the brand. Guess I don’t need to mention, that the looks at the show were breathtaking as all the Cavalli shows have always been! Can’t wait for summer to wear some of these pale pink and blue colored pieces!

Outfit of the day
Oversized Pink Coat: H&M Plus Size
Snake Print Top: Zara (similar here! or here!)
Dress worn as Skirt: Isabel Marant
Studded Bag: Mango
Over Knee Boots: Zara (last season, similar here!)
Ring Necklace: Gorjana

Pictures:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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  16. I don´t think it´s bad to dress as a &#39;clown&#39;, but I also think it isn´t good wanting to get attention with it. Your outfit is as always pretty. xx

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    • Thank you dear.<br /><br />My native language is German, I learned most of my English by myself and a little bit in school. So I&#39;m sorry for the grammar mistakes I do. But I guess and hope it&#39;s understandable what I mean… that is the main point. Isn&#39;t it. :)

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  68. I like your look but girl, you are harsh on the people who like to rock a &#39;clownslook&#39;. I mean, why would AdR &amp; Bryanboy be the only ones to go ridiculous, as it is ridiculous on them too, only they are more famous about it? Fashion is about theatre too and looks that are too predictable isn&#39;t always fashion, even if you wear the right brands

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    • The point why AdR and BB are allowed to wear a &quot;clownslook&quot; is that they dress this outstanding in their every day live, NOT just for fashion week to catch the attention. But that&#39;s what these people do, they would most probably never walk around like this for doing their grocery shopping, for walking with the dog or anything else. That&#39;s why I found it ridiculous and the other

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