I truly can’t get enough of this amazing camo print pinko skirt as it’s so perfect in its shape, color, print and last but not least the high quality material! Therefor I couldn’t resist to wear it another day the past week and built up a look which represents quite the opposite of the last post you’ve seen some days ago. This one combines, compared to the last outfit, elegance and coolness at the same time. The skirt still catches a lot of attention with its print and the gleaming surface which you might don’t clearly see through these photos, but it slightly shimmers if the sun reaches it. Thought the skirt is quite the epitome of coolness, the rest of the look is kept very classy with the staunchly blazer, and the color matching balt, bag and booties. Also the colors are kept in tone to calm down the appearance to a elegant yet modern look.

Next to the skirt the pépit9s necklace is another focus of attention. Isn’t it? Beside all the jewels are hand crafted in limited series of 99 numbered pieces, they guarantee a very high quality due to the fact that they are all swiss made. Ok, there comes through a little bit of the swiss patriotism or I’d rather say the pride on my country, but back on topic. The label has only been founded this year by two talented women who find their endless inspirations in the mystical wonders and the everlasting transformation of the nature. All the creations are made in semi-precious metals and stones. Other materials used, such as all natural horn and bamboo coral are carefully selected from sources that respect the environment.

Get the look (click on bold words to view item)
Camouflage Skirt: Pinko
White Silk Top: Zara
Blazer: Vintage (similar here!)
Cozy Shoes: Voegele Shoes (last season, similar here!)
Bag: MCM
Obi Belt: Came with a dress (similar here!)
Lotus Necklace: Pépit9s
Nail Stickers: MCM

Pictures:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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