Yesterday I met up with my friend Joy who is a fashion blogger such as I am. You can find her here, if you want to see the pictures I made from her. We started our day with shooting some outfit pictures for our blogs an our lovely readers and then strolled through some designer boutiques which were around us. I was in the Louboutin store in Zurich for the first time and actually I have to admit I’m pretty disappointed. First of all, it’s small! Very small! Secondly, there are strange men on the sofa watching even more strangely the women in there. And thirdly the shoes they have in the store are not pretty at all! After this big disappointment, we made a call on the Chanel boutique, which lighted up our mood pretty soon. There’s such a huge difference between the Louboutin and the Chanel store! I fell deeply in love with some very special shoes but 1050 francs are just not affordable for me at the moment.

After our shopping trip through the luxury boutiques we took up another mission: finding colorful clothes for the black-and-white-loving-Joy! As there’s still sale in Zara we decided to start our mission there. You won’t believe how many people had the same idea as we had. The store was totally overcrowded. It was like the sale had just begun and all the people get crazy. But in fact it didn’t it’s sale since weeks! So why were there so many people? Anyway, we found some pretty colored stuff for her.  Although it’s not neon color or something like that but rather soft cream tones and burgundy colors. At least colors! :)

military sweater: sheinside
denim shirt, coat, necklace: h&m
leather pants: romwe
trapeze bag: céline
watch: michael kore, present from boyfriend<
love bracelet: cartier
studded boots: zara


  1. love this outfit!!<br /><br />

  2. I think I like everything about your fashion taste

  3. Schöni Chete und Hose<br />

  4. Very nice outfit ! <br /><br />Kisses<br />Sofia.<br />

  5. Wow, really cool! Love especially the sweater and the necklace *_*<br />xoxo<br /><br />

  6. perfect skinny pants dear!! want exactly something like these :) and whole outfit looks great, perfect match of colours, prints ans structure:)<br />wish you a great Sunday and kisses from <br /><br />