Well, now that you’re reading this I’m totally tired sitting in front of my computer in the office and doing my daily business while I would definitely prefer to sleep late as the last evening went quite long. Why? Well, as mentioned in the last post, the opening gala of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days took place and of course I was a part of it. Can’t wait to share all the news and photos, but at least you already had the chance to get a sneak peek yesterday on facebook and instagram. Did you like? Oh and I can’t wait to show you the dress I have been wearing. So come back soon, there gonna be lot of stuff updated here soon. See you then!

Oh hey, and don’t forget to vote for me at the MCM contest which is currently running on facebook since a week. Click here!! and like the photo! Thank you so much for all your support you already gave to me.

Get the look (click on bold words to view item) Tartan Coat: Ganni
Letter Shirt: SheSheBonBon
Leather Skirt: Theory
Dotted Tights: French Connection
Boots: Zara (similar here!)
Scarf: Gant
Studded Bag: Mango
Earrings: Claire’s<

Pictures:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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  1. very nice look !

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  5. Hope you have a productive week ahead sweetheart!

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  136. Love your beautiful and trendy plaid coat, splendid outfit hun!

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