Hi everybody. I’m finally back with an outfit post today. I know there were not many of these the last days. As my two lovely photographers don’t have that much time at the moment. And I don’t have a lot of time neither unfortunately. But here you go with my look from tuesday, which was actually a normal work day but I had the pleasure to meet my friend Melina during lunch time and so we managed to take some quick shots to show you in here. I was wearing one of my new romwe shirt which I already showed you in a short post some days ago and my new Anna Field boots from zalando, which are so comfortable and which match almost every outfit. And I just realized this is one of my rarely posts I’m wearing flats.

Btw. did you recognized my new hair color? Since weeks I was talking about some changes on myself. So is there any better way than hair dying? I actually expected it a bit lighter and with some more touch of red. But actually it gets a little dark and not as red as I wanted. But anyway. I’m satisfied with it. What do you think? Do you like it or don’t you? In addition to the new hair color there are some other (good) news, I’ve ordered another lens which should be another step better then the one I use now for my outfit posts. So I hope it will arrive soon and I can show you photos with even better quality then I now. I hope you enjoy your last hours of weekend. I’m going to enjoy the evening with a yummy cheese fondue tonight. Can’t wait for it.

shirt, jacket: romwe
skirt: zara
bag: noé by louis vuitton
boots: anna field via zalando


  1. ahh du gsehsch so toll us! haar farb staht der super!

  2. You look really beautiful :)

  3. Lovely, and the photos in your lasts posts are uber-cool. New lens rock the stage ;) xx

  4. I love your outfit!! And your hair color is great. It really looks good on you :)<br />