Happy weekend, loves! Finally a saturday I am able to have lie-in as long as I want but typically me, I awoke almost as early as during the week thanks to the sunbeams shining through my window and the birds twittering on the railings of my balcony. But don’t regard this as a complaint as it is meant in the total opposite! There is no better way to start the day then being woken up by the sun and birds. Definitely not! Superb!

So guys, what are your weekend plans? I will probably spend most of the time enjoying the marvelous weather outside by the lake or at an open-air pool to finally work on my missing tan and I might start to plan (and hopefully fix) my holiday plans for August as well. While looking at these photos, especially those incredibly cool Minkpink shorts, I get more an more excited about the holidays coming closer! I am still thinking about Morocco to be our destination country but still not 100% sure. Any experiences, tips for hotels, sights etc.?

Btw. did you notice that super cool little clock bag, I luckily spot it at my local C&A store lately. Pretty much unbelievable, huh? In my option it totally bears the hallmarks of Charlotte Olympia designs, doesn’t it? Could not resist, especially because of the super affordable price! A true little treasure! Well I must admit, I am currently anyway in love with everything small and round – especially in white. During the past days I have been stewing over purchasing this fantastic MM6 Martin Margiela bag that is now even on sale. Urgh, what shall I just do? So many obsessions currently and so many sale temptations!

Now I will stop my fingers from writing and wish you two wonderful days off from daily business.

Get the look 
Shorts: Minkpink
Shirt: Zara
Bag: C&A (check the designer option here! > even on sale)
Pumps: Saint Laurent Paris
Watch: Alfex
Cuff: my own collection (use code TFF25 to get 25%)
Nail Polish: Essie “Urban Jungle”

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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  5. Hi Michele,<br /><br />Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I appreciate it! Yes, I did notice your clock bag and it is very cute! Also, the shorts are very nice. I am loving the &quot;dressier&quot; shorts that I&#39;ve been seeing in stores!<br /><br />Cheresa<br /><a href="http://misshotcouture.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">www.misshotcouture.blogspot.com</a>

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  13. Great outfit! I love it

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  15. Yes, this bag is truly amazing and goes great with the look! Great shorts and shoes (great legs btw)! Happy to have found your blog… loving it very much! Kisses and have a lovely Sunday! ;)

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  25. Nice shorts &amp; great double breasted blouse! <br />Hopefully you already fixed your vacation :) <br />xo Lyn <br />www.blondebutterflies.blogspot.com

  26. Perfect look, love the classic white shirt and that clock bag is such a delighful piece! I really love your face!<br /><br />besos,<br />M<br />

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  32. Oh, cute bag darling! C&amp;A? Totally bargain price I think! :)<br /><br />

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