Hey guys. So, yesterday was a crazy night. I was clubbin’ with my 2 best friends and some other guys. First we came in club and thought “WTF? Where are the people here?” Hahaha, the club was so empty. But then in the next 30 minutes or so it gets so ful. Was a really funny and crazy night out. Funniest thing was, I forgot my identity card at home. Ou maaaaan, I was really worry how to enter the club without ID. haha. But the securities were very easy, they didn’t controll us.

Now I just saw some party pictures of yesterday, so I thought I could show you. Here they are:



  1. A sI can see you are having fun! I really understand the way it si sto party with the best frineds when your are young and light-hreaded. Just don’t drink too much and enjoy the music, Michèle! Looking forward to your new looks review.