Happy monday morning peeps! Hope you enjoyed a less stressful weekend than I did with all the moving work which had to be done. So happy that the first two days are over but next weekend we will continue with bringing my clothes and stuff to my new apartment. Even if this time is so stressful I’m super lucky and relived to made this decision. You might didn’t know but I lived in a very very small village in kind of nowhere and now finally moved to my favorite city in Switzerland. So yes, I can finally count myself to the “real” citizen from now on.

The look presented right here was shot about a week ago in very terrible weather, you can even spot the raindrops falling in the pictures. But luckily I had a hat on which kept my hair dry during the shooting of these photos. Hat power! Yay! I already said in the last post, my lifesaver! And don’t wonder about the shoes, I was sleeping in my boyfriends apartment the day before when the weather was way better and therefor there was no option for closed shoes. But anyway, the look wouldn’t be complete without these red shoes which totally match the polka dot re shirt, right? Beauty knows no pain, you girls know that all, I’m sure!<

Hope you will survive your monday peeps, next weekend is only 5 days away ;)

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Skinny Jeans: Diesel
Polka Dot Blouse: Martofchina
Black Coat: Vintage (similar here!)
Red Heels: Zara (also love these here!)
Hat: H&M (similar here!)

Pictures:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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  1. Perfect look! Love your shirt and the dots &lt;3!!

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  5. Such a vibrant blouse! Love it, as I do the whole outfit! Skinny jeans, long coat, and heels! Perfect from head to toe look!

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  8. PERFECT LOOK &lt;333

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  40. Ah, I love this outfit! You look like an incredibly chic version of Minnie Mouse. :)

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    • Hi Alanis,<br /><br />Ja, ich arbeite noch als Graphic Designerin :)<br /><br />Liebe Grüsse,<br />Michèle

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