Happy monday everybody, I hope you guys enjoyed a lot of sunshine and empty schedule books during the past two weekend days. While I enjoyed the sun here in Switzerland – Yay – my schedule book was once again completely overloaded with work for the blog and two big cooperations with two big brands. Please don’t regard this as a complaint or meant negatively in any possible way! I actually enjoy the luxury of never ever feel bored and always be able to work on projects with brands I adore so much. Basically I always look on this “weekend business” more like a hobby as it brings so much fun with it to make the acquaintance of all those interesting and inspiring people and well, honestly it is also not a that bad feeling to know what you are wearing is worth so much you could never ever afford it in real life.

The past sentence made me quickly switch from my (positive) weekend rush to this post and specifically the dress worn here. Because of no other reason than the feeling wearing this silk “Seagrass Dreams” dress found on Noemii Resortwear was exactly the same as I felt when I wore a $20’000 outfit for the shooting at the past saturday. The super light and soft silk feels like pure luxury on the skin – a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! – and the beautiful under-water world phantasy print made me wish to spontaneously book a flight to Maldives to add the perfect location to this dress. I mean how often does it happen that you want to match the location to your dress – isn’t it the other way usually? I might be a complete freak but currently I am seriously planning my summer vacation around that dress to find the perfect place and occasion to proudly parade it along the beach. Jup, I agree, I’m a a little freak and therefor I am going to stop writing to avoid revealing more of my freaky personality and to commit all your attention to the photos and the dress. Enjoy!

Get the look 
Seagrass Dreams Dress: Noemii Resortwear
Criss Cross Ring: Alex Mika
Circle Necklace: Gorjana
Turquoise Stone Bracelet: Mosaika
Wedges: Kurt Geiger

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


  1. You look lovely, so beautiful :)

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