Hi everbody, here’s the post I’ve promised yesterday on my facebook fanpage. I’m wearing one of my favorite granny-pants which I found at the zara sale last week. They remind me pretty much of the prada Fall 2012 Collection because of its print. Doesn’t it? While editing this pictures, I noticed that my new hermès bracelet matches perfectly my bag from zalando. They are like made for each other!

Yesterday I met my friend Melanie, who was my photographer some times as you might remember, for a coffee in starbucks, how could it be otherwise haha. We had a lot to talk about and to discuss as we didn’t see us for weeks as she has a new boyfriend now (greetings to Mario) and I was in holiday with my boyfriend and had lot of family celebrations. It has been a really busy time but yesterday we managed to see us again so we couldn’t stop with gossiping for hours. Girls-talk, you know.

sweater: romwe
pants: zara
bag: even&odd via zalando
heels: max shoes
bracelet: hermès
necklace: h&m


  1. great look! love your bag and pants!<br /><br />http://cloudletinfashion.blogspot.ru/

  2. found your blog inspiring!!! i love it you have a new follower on me!<br /><br />http://thefashion-bombshell.blogspot.com

  3. just found your blog! love the name of it! and i love your style, its great that you use so many prints!! following!! xx<br /><br />Kristine<br />http://www.backalleysandboulevards.blogspot.ca/

  4. love it! &lt;3

  5. This is amazing i love the trousers so much &amp; the shoes are gorgeous with them!<br /><br />http://blaiseruby.blogspot.co.uk/<br /><br />@BlaiseDyer<br /><br />x

  6. i love your jumper and bag! xx

  7. Mom did an amazing job with the pictures!!!!<br /><br />those pants do remind me of the Prada fall collection!<br />what an amazing way of wearing these pants witht eh black sweater and smal flower detail on them<br />I love how you chose a cognac colored heel,it gives the whole look so much more of an interesting feel then if you would have chosen black for instance!!<br /><br />amazing job!!!

  8. You look gorgeous :)