Shirt: Romwe
Shorts: New Yorker
Suspender Tights: House of Holland

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  1. i want those tights! u look very chic! xxo

  2. your look is breathtaking ;-))<br /><br />i&#39;m following you ;)<br /><br />

  3. love it!you look amazing!

  4. lovely photos! like your style!

  5. You certainly know how to carry out those tights!<br />Love the outfit.<br /><br /><a href="" rel="nofollow">As I Like It</a>

  6. you look amazing! lovely outfit. <br /><br />xx, Alina<br />

  7. super cute!! love this :D<br /><br />

  8. The suspender tights are really cooL!<br /><br />Shasie <br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Live Life in Style</a>

  9. Very cute outfit, but my favorite are your shoes and your bag<br />they are gorgeous , nice photos

  10. love your garter imitation tights–together with those laidback shades and sleek bag they work perfectly. nice shoe choice too! :)<br /><br />- Xaxii Creative Team<br />

  11. I love the bag!! (: <br /><br />xx<br /><br />

  12. great outfit. i lkie those thights.

  13. the henry holland tights are awesome. They add to your outfit so that it&#39;s simple yet very cool. I like. xx<br /><br /><br />