Ok guys, hold on! This is the very first post here on the blog featuring an extremely untypical item on me. Have you already noticed? I’m sure you have, I’m talking about the sneakers of course. I don’t know why but at that day I just felt like leaving my comfortable running shoes on instead of switching to heels. My feet were quite thankful for their rest day. Actually I’m wearing these shoes quite often as I’m workout daily and therefor they are quite essential for me but I never thought about wearing them in my daily live or even in an outfit post. Yah yah, I know they have been (or may still are) very much in fashion the past summer but I was never really keen on that trend and now I’m quite late. But hey, better late then never, right?

So the whole look is kept quite sporty with that visored cap and the shoes, but for sure I did not want to end up looking like somebody going to gym and update the look to a cooler urban level. Therefor, the fur sleeved jacket was quite the best pick and the sparkling sequin necklace by the amazing Jakob Schlaepfer textile manufacture did the rest of the upgrade. Not to mention the classic cool watch my Daniel Wellington which is absolutely timeless and therefor suitable for women of every age, what reminds me to share some good news with you. Wouldn’t this watch make a perfect christmas present for your mum or sis? Or what about the male version for your dad? Well, now is the chance to order it as I have a 15% voucher made especially for you, guys! Buy the watches here and use the code XMASMICHELE. Happy Xmas-Shopping!

Get the look (click on bold words to view item) Turtle Neck Sweater: H&M (similar here!)
Wrap Skirt: Zara (also love this one!)
Faux Fur Sleeved Jacket: Choies
Sneakers: Nike (old, similar here!)
Cap: Mango
Studded Bag: Mango
Sequin Necklace: Jakob Schlaepfer
Eye Ring: Jana Reinhardt
Watch: Daniel Wellington 

Pictures:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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  1. lovely outfit!!!!

  2. Loving the mix of fabrics here- you look great! xo<br /><br />-Jen<br /><br />www.vibrantbeautyblog.com

  3. oh! I&#39;m gonna take that furry bomber!!!!<br />luxurious yet super sporty!<br />nice outfit<br /><br /><br />x<br />http://radarmagazine.se/fashionandfcuker

  4. Love this outfit and you look super chic. That faux fur sleeved jacket and Nike sneakers is amazing and that studded mango clutch is also adorable. I hope you&#39;ll have a great weekend, Michele!<br /><br />XOXO

  5. Amazing outfit! Love that coat. :-)<br />April xx<br /><br />http://aprilrosepengilly.blogspot.com.au

  6. Nice to see you in sneakers! You look good in them x<br /><br /><a href="http://www.ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com</a>

  7. What a great look!

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  10. Adore this look! Been seeing a lot of baseball caps and sneakers in j.crew type shots. <br />You pull it off for sure and that necklace is a little work of art.<br />Love your style. Following you now on gfc :) :)<br />x <a href="http://www.atelierzozo.com&quot; rel="nofollow">atelier zozo</a>

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  18. Oooh! LOVE how you&#39;ve worn those sports shoes with a faux fur coat! Chic!! And that sequin necklace is awesome too! &lt;3

  19. This look is more particular. I like yuor jacket and yuor hat. Great shoes in this look :)

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  23. – Amazing look ;)<br /><br />xx

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  26. Die Kette passt so wunderbar auf den Pullover. Ein hübsches Styling, gefällt mir.<br />LG

  27. love this look! comfy and pretty!<br /><br /><a href="http://fashionshores.blogspot......&quot; rel="nofollow">Giveaway on my blog!</a>

  28. Lovely pictures, that sunshine looks amazing as do you! I love that beautiful necklace, I need something just like that (even though I already have so many!). Also love that amazing hat, that cable knit sweater and that awesome skirt! Gotta love Zara, never can get enough of their stuff!<br /><br />xx Debbie<br /><br />www.whatdoffydoes.com

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  31. Love it!!!! Fur jacket is awesome. Lovely style<br /><br />xx

  32. Beautiful look!!!<br />Have a nice day!!!:)))<br /><br />Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

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  35. Amazing jumper and watch! Love it!

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  48. I love your fur jacket!

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    • Nice sweater;)