I hope you guys had a enjoyable, relaxing weekend. I spent my time with my boyfriend and my friend Melanie who took some outfit pictures again. Honestly it was a quite lazy weekend with much time spending at home and just hanging around. But sometime hanging around and doing nothing is just perfect, and so it was this weekend. Friday I visited the art school in Zurich because it was an information day about the studies in the school which is called zhdk. I’m interested in studying visual communication in there and I think I’m going to apply and try to get in. But it’s quite hard to get picket because there are so many talented young people every year who want to get in that school and they take only the best. My chance to get in is about 10% which is not really much, but I hope for the best and all I can do is try. Isn’t it? Next friday I will probably visited another art school which is based in Luzern which is also in line for my study, but it’s a long way from my home to the school. That’s why my favorite school is the one in Zurich at the moment. So I’m crossing my fingers to get a place in Zurich and I should start with my portfolio soon, so that I have something interesting to show them.

pants: lashes of london
jacket, hat, scarf: h&m
bag: even&odd via Zalando
boots: zara
watch: michael kors


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