Happy thursday ladies and gents! Weekend is already coming closer and I hope your week was great so far! I am already looking forward to saturday like a little girl looking forward to get a lollipop because we are going to finish the second part of the shooting for one of my favorite high class brands. We already started to shoot the first outfit the past saturday but still have to shoot a few more outfits this saturday. Oh well, and I almost forgot about the other shooting on sunday with my favorite Jewelry brand Swarovski. Phew, what a busy weekend ahead but without doubt it’s gonna be amazing and I hope the photos will turn out to be amazing as well!

I am seriously so grateful for all the opportunities I get through the blog and actually through each and every of you who is following my life by reading all my written lines and watch my photos daily. Not to mention how lucky I am about all your positive feedback reaching me via the comment section (I always read ALL your comments!), social media platforms and emails. Besides you, my amazing readers, I am more than happy to have such amazing brands and PR people to work with, it is a huge honor to have this possibilities and to have all their trust and their enthusiasm for what I do here. Thank you all at this point!

To add a few words to this outfit: I am wearing my current favorite new-in piece in the dress section of my wardrobe, the “Smoke and Mirrors” dress I spot on Free People a few weeks ago. I can’t deny I have always been huge sucker for boho outfits and I am still very much in this coachella mood, especially as the festival season in Switzerland begins only now. Therefor there was actually no option not to add this beauty to my festival wardrobe! In combination with my other favorite new-in piece: a short sleeved leather jacket found on Muubaathe outfit immediately transforms into a more urban outfit wearable on a daily basis.

Oh, and did you spot my heart ring and matching earrings? They’re from my own collection that I lately brought out in collaboration with Maggie Fine Jewelry. These two filigree pieces are my two preferred pieces out of the collection but of course I love them all very much as they all contain my self-scribbled hear from The Fashion Fraction logo. Did you recognize?

Get the look 
Smoke and Mirrors Dress: Free People
Embro Leather Jacket: Muubaa
Red Bag: Hermes
Khalessi Sandals: Blue Glue
Silver Bracelet: Hermes
Heart Ring: My own collection for Maggie Fine Jewelry
Heart Earrings: My own collection for Maggie Fine Jewelry

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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  16. This is an adorable overall you are wearing! The jean jacket is the perfect addition to this casual and careless look! Congratulations on gaining all the wonderful opportunities! You truely deserve them :)

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