Hip, hip hooray! The Lacoste Live story continues, the second look is under the “trendy” theme. The patterned top with its pastel colored collar totally matches the pastel shorts which are so perfectly fitting. Combined with the right accessories such as big sunnies on your nose, a pair of killer heels on your feet, some chunky creoles on your ears and lastly a color-matching bag there comes out a super trendy summer look perfect for the hot days coming up soon (hopefully). The sporty top totally calms down the whole look which might comes out a bit overdone with another top choice.

Those of you who read my blog since long long time might remember this location from an earlier post – a much much earlier one from last summer. For taking the photos of this specific look about two weeks ago I was totally sure it would be the perfect location once again and I am so relieved to say I was right. I love the strong blue of the tribune seats so much and the sun was nothing but perfect while taking the pictures. I was not even freezing at all and I haven’t seen such strong sunbeams like this since months. They made me looking forward to summer even more especially now that the days get colder and colder again. Lordy! Where are you spring, where are you summer now?

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Patternet Top: Lacoste Live
Salmon Shorts: Lacoste Live
Blue Wedges: Kurt Geiger
Sunnies: H&M
Creoles: Claire’s

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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  1. Wow. You have amazing legs :)

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  15. i love this look and you have beautiful leggs! lots of love, x

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