I hope you guys had a much pleasure during the past xmas days and as promised, here comes the second look styled for the well-known swiss label LBD and staged in the perfect surrounding area at the Zurich zoo. After all the leopard printed items you have seen me wearing since I reopened the blog about a year ago, I guess I don’t need to mention that I’m a big fan of animal prints in extraordinary colors such as this one in bright orange.

Beside the perfect print and color, the cut was just the perfect fit for my figure as it enhances the best parts of my type body. As I’m not one of the girls blessed with big breasts but blessed with a small waist, this dress showcases my waist perfectly and swirls around the décolleté while visually adding two cups. So especially girls like me with a little bit masculine upper body but even more feminine lower part (wide hips etc.) can look very very feminine and lady-like, wearing a dress cut like this one!

Get the look 
Orange Leopard Printed Dress: LBD

Pictures:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me
Location: Masoala Hall, Zurich Zoo

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