Aloha babes. Great to see you here on the blog again and I am super lucky to share another all-day-outfit with you. It strikes me that I probably never ever worn my hair like that on the blog yet, right? I normally totally don’t like myself with bundled up hair, especially on pictures, so I always leave them open while shooting my daily outfit posts. But honestly I wear them like this quite often when I think about it. For my daily workouts obviously but also very often for working at the office or working in front of a computer in general or while cleaning my apartment or or or. But hey, firsts are always good and I must say I find myself not looking as worse as I thought wearing my hair like this right here. So who knows, you might gonna see it more often in future posts.

This outfit was anyway one of my super comfy ones when I get up in the morning and I’m just in mood for feeling warm and comfortable more than anything else. So this sweater is ALWAYS my first choice on these mentioned days and it’s surprisingly easy to combine with any pair of patterned pants like I did here and generally with many many pieces in my wardrobe and somehow it always comes out a quite nice look even though this was not the plan. What is better than an outfit which serves comfort as well as style? For me it is the ultimate Jackpot!

Get the look 
Chunky Knit Turtleneck: H&M (last season, similar here! or here!)
Leather Jacket: asos
Tartan Pants: Romwe
Black Scarf: H&M
Boots: Zara (also love these!)
Bag: Michael Kors

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


  1. Gorgeous and absolutely stunning!! Amazing turtleneck 😍😍❤️❤️

  2. amazin sweater!!!!!

  3. Love the outfit very chic!!<br />

  4. I just love that huge turtleneck! Look so comfy :)<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

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  6. great post.<br />xx<br />daniella<br />

  7. Love!<br /><br />xo Jennifer<br /><br />

  8. Love your pants !!!!<br /><br />Kiss ;)<br />Melle Lunettes

  9. I love your style xx<br /><br />

  10. I love your trousers, and how you&#39;ve toned them down by keeping everything else simple – great look!&lt;3 xx<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

  11. Thanks for your thoughts.. Have an awesome weekend babe!

  12. Gorgeous, we LOVE your pants.<br />Take a look to our street style website!<br /><br /><br />

  13. I LOVE this outfit. So cool<br /><br /><br />

  14. Such a pretty outfit, everything goes well with each other :)

  15. Awesome, I love love love those pants!<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Don&#39;t Call Me Fashion Blogger</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Facebook</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Bloglovin&#39;</a><br />

  16. amazing look, love it! :)<br />xoxo<br />

  17. very trendy ,love all this items <br />xo<br /><br />

  18. This outfit is just so perfect. Adore!! x<br /><br />

  19. stunning turtleneck, love these photos !:)

  20. Love this style!<br />XoXo<br /><br />

  21. love your styleee !! that that scarf is looking comfy<br /><br /><br />x

  22. GUAPÍSIMA!!!!!!!!!! Qué bien te quedan esos pantalones!!!<br />Un beso enorme!

  23. Amazing sweater! I love this cozy rock look! xxx<br /><br />

  24. Love this pretty combo. Great outfit.<br />xx<br /><br />

  25. I &#39; ve seen these pants and i like it really :)

  26. I love it !! You look so pretty !<br />Xoxo<br />

  27. unforced and very cosy! :)<br /><br />

  28. Stunning pictures, dear.<br />The leather jacket goes really well with your tartan pants &lt;3<br />Love your blog, anyway.<br /><br />xx,<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Stefany</a>

  29. I LOVE how you wrapped the scarf under the turtle neck! Such a cool look! Plus those pants paired with it PERFECTION. A little punk rock.<br /><br />&lt;3<br />heather<br />

  30. I love your leather jacket! It goes so well with your whole look!<br /><br />-Chloé Akari<br /><br />

  31. Great look!! I love the jacket and pants. Greetings.<br /><br />

  32. Aloha! you look gorgeous, the whole styling is fantastic as always and you look very pretty with a pony tail! &lt;3 xoxo<br />

  33. Perfect look, your photos are amazing. Kisses xx

  34. So beautiful look, love this pants!!!<br /><br />Kiss kiss.*Jo<br />

  35. A cozy sweater and jeans (or – even better! – some funky plaid pants!) always makes a great go-to outfit in my books, too, dear Michele!! Add a moto jacket and some booties…and I&#39;m in heaven!!<br /><br />

  36. Loving your pants so much! The whole look is perfect!<br /><br />

  37. you look great <br />really nice photos<br />

  38. Sehr sehr schöner Look :)<br />Die Hose steht dir einfach klasse :)<br /><br />Liebst<br />Svetlana von <a href="; rel="nofollow">Lavender Star</a> // <a href="; rel="nofollow">BlogLovin</a> // <br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Instagram</a> // <a href="

  39. Looks super chic and cozy. Loving the plaid pants! xo<br /><br />-Jen<br /><br />

  40. I love these pants, thanks for the link ;)<br /><br />xo<br /><br /><b><a href="; rel="nofollow">Lea Hudson</a></b>

  41. Hello from Spain: I like your pants. It is ideal. Keep in touch

  42. Love your sweater and the leather jacket!!<br />

  43. This turtlenck sweater is really unique, love it and the tartan pants look amazing! Love the whol outfit! <br /><br />

  44. What a cool outfit. Love your sweater:)

  45. Those plaid pants are so fierce. Great style.

  46. I love this outfit. Everything is perfect, but doesn´t the neck hurt after a while? The trouser is so cool. xx<br /><br />

  47. Amazing look babe…loved it completely…:-)

  48. Cool sweater and pants! x<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

  49. I love that sweater!<br /><br />

  50. WOW I love your style and photography! Really like how you paired those preppy pants with a leather jacket :)<br /><br />Justin<br /><a href="http://www.walkingtalkingstyle.....&quot; rel="nofollow">Walking, Talking Style</a>

  51. Looking good.. Tartan looks better matched with leather &lt;3<br /><br />The Cutielicious<br /><br />Federica<br />

  52. I love the leather and green tartan combination!!<br />Looks amaizng on you!<br /><br />Thanks for the comment!<br /><br /><br />

  53. You look fantastic dear! ;) <br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Tic-Tac Living</a>

  54. perfect everyday look<br /><br />

  55. perfect!

  56. i love this tartan colour so much, suits me more than red :)<br />Lauren x<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography – http://www.brittonloves.blogsp.....><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Support my Photography Project here !</a>

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  58. Love your pants! <br />xx

  59. The plaid pants are so trendy and they look fantastic, love the cozy knit with this. Your thoughts mean very much to me, thanks for stopping by.

  60. those pants are gorgeous!<br /><br />xxoo,<br />nikki<br /><br />

  61. nice outfit girl<br /><b><a href="; rel="nofollow">MyStyleDiary</a></b><br />

  62. I like your hair that way:o) And I love those trousers!!<br />xx, Kirsten<br /><br />

  63. great look, love everything!

  64. as always, i love the look :D<br />Beijinhos*<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"> Blog </a> | <a href="; rel="nofollow"> Youtube </a> | <a href="; rel="nofollow"> FB </a>

  65. Loooove the tartan in the mix.<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a><br />

  66. wow this is cool!<br /><br />

  67. love your pants.. very edgy look :)<br /><br />

  68. That is an epic turtleneck! Absolutely love the tartan trousers. Great look! :)<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Technicolour Dreamer</a>

  69. Love it! Those pants are really pretty :)

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  75. Brilliant! You look so winsome and chic.<br /><br />

  76. Great looking for outfit you look amazing doll.<br />

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  78. perfect look!<br /><br />

  79. Those pants are so cool babe! &lt;3<br />Kisses,<br />Eleonora<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">It-Girl Facebook page</a>

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  83. love the color palette of this outfit! xoxo<br /><br />

  84. cool look!!!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />xoxo from rome<br />K.<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

  85. brilliant rock chic outfit !! <br /><br />

  86. Amazing! Love the texture of the sweater and the tartan trousers!<br /><br />

  87. I like so much this super usefu combinationl for any real moment of the day by day life… &lt;3<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

  88. Such a lovely look! :) I love your bag :)<br />

  89. Great look, I love your pants!<br /><br /><a rel="nofollow" href=""&gt; HMLovur </a>

  90. Such a fabulous look! I love the wrapped scarves and sweater neck!<br />Xx<br />Rhea<br />

  91. I really like the tartan pants! They make the look much more interesting! Great outfit :)<br /><br />

  92. Die Hose ist ja total cool. Ein wunderschönes Outfit, wie immer. Alles Liebe aus München, Elisa <br />

  93. great style!! &lt;3333<br /><br />xoxo<br /><br />i invite to me –

  94. Cool rock touch! I use to give this kind of touches to my looks!<br />Lovely!<br /><br /><br />Kisses from <b><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a></b><br /><br />Today I bring you <b>an outfit with LEATHER on LEATHER…burgundy bustier adn skinny black pants!!</b><br />

  95. Love everything about this outfit and need these pants pronto!!!

  96. Gorgeous tartan trousers!<br /><br />X Sara

  97. Nice pants! You&#39;re mixing so well!<br /><br />

  98. Ugh those pants with those shoes made me squeal, this is such a perfect look…<br />xMM<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">THE LAME</a><br />