Happy Thursday everybody! Great to see you here on the blog again in the early early morning… well, or afternoon… or whenever you’re just reading this. I must admit this looks has been photographed by my lovely lady Joy about three weeks ago and I have not found time to publish it yet, as well as many other which will come up in the next days. Even thought I can count this look to one of my all time favorite here on the blog as it is so simple and comfy but so sophisticated, chic and elegant at the same time since the looks is actually built up in only two tones. Navy and Coral! Two colors which seem to be made to wear together.

Lately (well, spoken from the time we took the photos) I accidentally bumped into this coral Saint Laurent lipstick which was just the exact same tones as my belt and bag which I just bought a few days earlier. That’s what I call destiny – so I could not resist to put all these coral things together for an all-day-outfit. Honestly I switched my stylish Louboutins to comfy flats while in the office – Girls, you know that super-duper-uncomfortable-Louboutin-problem, right? But you also know the problem of looking +10kg in a jumpsuit-flat-combo, right? So you surely understand and forgive me the little cheating with the 12cm Louboutins instead of the flats for these photos ;) Enjoy your day, loves!

Get the look 
Navy Jumpsuit: Lavish Alice
Coral Belt: Borrow (also love this one!)
Coral Bag: Ebay
Hat: H&M (similar here!)
Pigalle Pumps: Louboutin
Coral Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent 12 Coril Fauve

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


  1. You look flawless, I don’t know many people who can pull off a hat like that!

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  10. Love these two shades paired together, looks amazing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend hun!

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  21. Pink and navy, definitely goes well together and you sure had great luck bumping into a YSL lipstick that matched this look altogether =)

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