Yaaaaay, it’s monday guys. Are you all ready for a week full of work and stress? Ok no no no, I am obviously just joking. I know how most of you feel at monday mornings and I am so with you. What would I give to still lie in the bed right now, sleeping for another 2 hours, then waking up by my boyfriends cuddle attacks and having an in-bed-breakfast. Isn’t it what we all admire right now? But hey, let’s make out the best of every day, even mondays. So let’s stop thinking about what we would prefer to do instead of sitting in our offices right now and look forward to the next weekend and all the good moments during the week as well of course.

Back on track with a few words about this specific outfit and post in general. This look is one of my typical lazy and cosy outfits when I wake up in the morning after pressing the slumber mode on my iPhone for like 5 times what means I am obviously way to late to catch my train if I remain in the lazy mode. So I jump out of the bed like a ninja, put my comfiest boyfriend jeans from Wildfox out of the closet and just add the latest piece I bought, this time the gray turtleneck sweater I found for only 8$ in Zara a day earlier. Since the look would not look elegant and chic enough with flats there was the only option to take my Saint Laurent pumps for a walk during the day. Adding a matching jacket + a big bag to carry all my stuff and ready is the casual-chic all day look suitable from morning to night for many occasions.

For the specific day last week I was wearing this outfit I was in the office during the whole day and in the evening was invited to the store opening of the watch brand Swatch in Zurich. Of course I could not appear without wearing my own favorite model called “On The Grill”. I love the soft material and the cool but yet chic look instead of the tacky look many watch models from expensive brands serve. Furthermore it is affordable for everybody, so you may check the new store at Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich if you come buy. The boutique itself is super pretty as well as the staff is so kind and hey, the watches are truly beautiful AND swiss quality what is actually a synonym for high quality.

Enjoy your week, ladies!

Get the look 
Boyfriend Jeans: Wildfox
Turtleneck Sweater: Zara
White Jacket: H&M (similar here!)
Zipper Bag: Gift (similar here!)
Belt: H&M
White Pointed Toe Pumps: Saint Laurent 
Charm Bracelet: Pandora Essence Collection
“On The Grill” Watch: Swatch

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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