Seriously, when will these weather swings finally come to an end? I’m sick and tired about having no constant summer and every day (or shall I say every hour?!) changing temperatures and weather. Once I’m out with shorts and ballerinas I can count on that it will be raining soon and I’m always right. But I’m not the only one suffering under this circumstances and the weekend seems to be sunny and warm. So there’s at least a little light at the end of the tunnel!

These pictures were shot at the beginning of the week with my dear friend Joy at the Lake Zurich. I’m wearing two of the snaps which I made last weekend at a flea market organized by a former stylist. Talking about the Moschino jacket and the lovely (and actually a little bit too small cut) striped skirt which is from Christian Lacroix. Two great pieces from even greater brands for just a few coins. I must admit, that during sale time I’m turing into a crazy bargain hunter, always in search for the best pieces for the lowest price. If you have been wondering why I lately added so many designer pieces to my wardrobe… now you know my little secret!

For adding the last perfect touch to the look, I decided to wear my beloved Aennis Eunis heels which are available here: Rue du Marché 134, 1204 Genève at Bongenie Grieder.

Outfit of the day (click to view item)
Denim shirt: Stolen from my boyfriend (similar here!)
Striped skirt: Christian Lacroix (similar here!)
Jacket: Moschino
Heels: Aennis Eunis


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