Hellooow. I just bought a new fur hat, I bought one last week but now I have a second one. You can see, I love fur accessoires! And of course I have some pictures for you!

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The collection will go on sale on the November 23.

Just three weeks before (November 2) the collection will be revealed. 

But here I show you the first Picture of the Lanvin’s collection for H&M!

Hey there

So, this is my first post here on blogspot. I also got a tumblr, lookbook, chictopia and a formspring account. If you want, check it out. My name is Michèle,  I live in Switzerland near Germany. I’m interested in art, fashion and also photography. I don’t know how often I’ll write and post something here because at the moment I like tumblr more. So if you like what I do, what I write and so on: follow me!