We all have fantasies how we would spend a fortune. We all got our desires and our obsessions. I guess mine is quite obvious. I’m totally crazy about shoes. Especially designer shoes. I could seriously spend all my money for them if I would not have a little self-control. Well, sometimes it happens that I simply can’t keep myself in check and spontaneously buy a new pair for actually a way to big amount of money. Last time it happened when I got my new Gucci shoes just some weeks ago. And sometimes I feel bad afterward because I was not strong enough to resist the urge to purchase. So YES, I would probably spend a huge amount of my imaginary fortune for designer shoes. Hello new Isabel Marants! Hello Rockstud Valentinos! Hello Saint Laurent Booties! Some of you might call this waste of money, but I can tell you, some people who really own a fortune spend it for even more unnecessary and quite strange things (ok ok fine, that’s just MY opinion, you can think whatever you want). So here just a few funny examples for your entertainment:

Rupert Grint’s ice cream van: Harry Potter movies earned him about £24m, but instead of investing in a super cool sports car or luxury London flat, one of the young actor’s first purchases was a 1974 Mr Whippy Bedford van. He owns now quite a collection of quirky vehicles, including a swan boat and a hovercraft.

Nicolas Cage’s dinosaur skull: In 2007 two of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers were caught up in a bidding war over a 67 million-year-old fossilised dinosaur skull. After a close contest Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio bowed out of the battle, leaving Nicolas Cage to fork out $276,000 at the Beverly Hills auction

Amanda Seyfried’s stuffed horse: The 27-year-old actress collects taxidermy animals, including a miniature horse called Antoine, which she keeps at home in LA.

Lady Gaga’s ghost detector: After her admission to a fascination with death in a 2010 interview, the pop star spent a whopping $50,000 on an electromagnetic field reader that she believed would alert her to the presence of spirits.

Bono’s first class plane ticket for his hat: The U2 frontman was so distraught when he left his favourite trilby at home that he reportedly blew £1000 to fly the lucky hat first class from London to Bologna, just in time for his performance with Pavarotti.

But at the end there is one role model for all of us! EL James, the well known author of the popular books “50 Shades of Grey”! Especially me with my money swallowing shoe obsession should really take her as a good example! 

EL James’ Ugg boots: Despite heaping up a £62m fortune from sales of her “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy, EL James has kept her spending habits in check, sticking with cheap wine and IKEA furniture, and deliberating over purchasing a new pair of Ugg boots before giving in to the comfy classics. Get a slice of the celeb lifestyle and buy Ugg boots at Very.co.uk.


  1. I&#39;ve just gotten into shoes myself. I have always been into handbags and clothes, but I&#39;m just now starting to explore buying all different types of shoes. Shoes can really be the center of an outfit. I love the leopard heels in the photo. ;)<br /><br />xo, Sarah<br /><a href="http://www.hustlababy09.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Hustla, Baby.</a>

  2. I don&#39;t think buying expensive shoes is a waste of money. I&#39;d rather invest in accessories and shoes than in designer clothing. If I had all of the money I want, I wouldn&#39;t think twice. And shoes are so lovely.<br /><br />I recently bought a gorgeous pair of Toga boots that cost a fair bit, but I didn&#39;t flinch when I bought them. If you want something, it&#39;s worth it.<br /><br

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  16. Well, these people can purchase anything they want, so they just find new ways to spend their money! Wouldn&#39;t mind owning a pair of Saint Laurent boots, or the Rockstud Valentinos if you ask me… But I just spend a small fortune on the Acne boots, and I can&#39;t believe I spent so much on a pair of shoes! Let&#39;s see if my &quot;More quality, less quantity&quot; motto is worth it!<br />

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