Hi folks. I’m back once again and there are some big news to share with you. I haven’t been really talkative since for some (well, actually for longer) time. But maybe this was important to find myself and to realize how much this blog and certainly you readers mean to me. I thought it would me kind of relieving to stop or to take a break of it because of all the time it takes to keep the blog up to date and take all the photos to share. But as a matter of fact I really lost something vital during the time I absent. So I planed a big big update to take this blog to a whole other level. I will change the design and even the name of it. And the big aspiration will be to keep the blog more up to date then in the past few month and to take some more high quality pictures which I can share with you.
I try to shoot the photographs in different surroundings, so you don’t get bored by the very beautiful, magnificent, exciting, mind-blowing, … ok, well, you got me… I’m just kidding… I mean by the actually very boring white wall. I find only this step on it’s own is a quite huge step and as a result the photos will be much better and even more trustworthy in a way. To reach the goal of high quality photos I decided to get a new camera. My former one was not able the take pictures in the characteristic I wanted to get and  to make matters worse, it got broken as well some time ago! I’m a very lucky girl, because I had the chance to order the camera through my boyfriend, who works for a electronic company (he’s a graphic designer at the advertising department) and that’s why he can get the electronic stuff they sell for the buying price (hopefully that’s the right word for it, I didn’t know so I had to ask google). And so I get it for a very nice price. The camera I decided for is a Canon EOS 1100D and 3 lenses (Canon EF-S 15-55mm f/1:3.5-5.6 / Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS / Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II). I’m not sure yet, how long it takes to finish the new design and when I will come out with the whole new blog. But I’m always working on it, so I hope you will be patient during that time.

At the end, I want to give big thanks to all of you guys which are following me, supporting me and faithfully reading my blog regularly.


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  2. We&#39;ll be here waiting. :) I love your pants!

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  6. I truly love your blog and I&#39;m so happy because you&#39;ll be back soon… :)<br />World of fashion blogging is a mass but still awesome and funny, so don&#39;t give up :) Have a nice day Michele! :) xx

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  9. michele, finally you are back! I am always waiting for your new post but what i know is you are busy with your study, isn&#39;t it? I still remember the white wall which is not boring for me :D Last year when I had no idea about what is LB.nu, I saw your outfit photos. I start to remember you(the big reason is the significant wall! X] ) because i like your style. (and your are the first

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