Hi everybody. I just discovered an awesome website called caseable. You can check here! I was looking for a cool case for my macbook pro 15″ since forever and finally my quest found an end now. On caseable you can design your own case or you can choose between never ending templates. As I have a creative phase at the moment (I’ll describe below) I decided to design my personal macbook sleeve. I made this collage in photoshop and then used it for my case. I guess you all know what (or better who) inspired me. Exactly, you got it, it was Mary Katrantzou and her graphic mirrored prints! Well, the idea is may copied, but this design is really made by me (maybe I should ask her to work for her, ha!)

So I promised to tell about my creative phase. I just have so many ideas at the moment and so many things I would like to do. I’m sure you know that feeling, when you suddenly have that many ideas of projects you’d like to realise, but in fact you will never take it on. To give you an idea of what I’m thinking about at the moment: 1. blog renewal, 2. study (I’d really like to study, but the branch of study which interests me – visual communication – is unfortunately just possible as full-time-study and I’m looking for something I can do in part time), 3. attend a Pilates or Yoga course, 4. starting with ballet (ok that is kind of crazy, but in some way I would really like to do that), 5. building up a business with my boyfriend, 6. take part in a fashion drawing course, 7. go blonde,… well I can count even more things but I think I should stop now! Yesterday I suddenly had the idea to make my nails, but not just varnish them! I varnished them with a transparent nail lacquer and then added golden glitter dust. I would prefer a black one actually but well at 10 PM you must use what you’ve got at home. I will show them in a post soon I guess.


  1. Love the prints!<br />Mind to check out my blog?<br />Maybe we can follow each other :)<br /><br />www.thebeautyyoffashion.blogspot.com

  2. Love love love the design. SO refreshing and inspiring !!

  3. Amazing design!<br /><br />quoi-alors.blogspot.com

  4. Blond is awesome! I would like to to try it on my hair too!

  5. Amazing bag, love the beautiful graphic!<br /><br />xxx<br />