Hi guys. Sorry for the huge huge lack of news the past week. After celebrating christmas, I head off to the mountains with my boyfriend and some other friends. The picture above was just a quick mobile phone snap shot from me and my boyfriend. I don’t do any winter sport such as snowboarding or skiing, so I planed to work on my portfolio which I need for my application at an art high school in Zurich. The first day when everybody was on the piste, I really started with working on it. But I just didn’t had a great idea coming to my mind, so I get a little frustrated because it’s my dream to get accepted for that school. The other day I really had a need for some fresh air in my head, so I chose (well, actually my boyfriend persuade me) to go along with the others for sledging, which was definitely the right decision. I was so much fun but the day afterwards I couldn’t even sit on my ass, it hurt sooo much! Because the sledges where harsh and every time I cough one of this little snow hills on the piste, I clunk back down on the harsh sledge. But it was still so much fun. I hope you enjoyed your christmas days and the new years eve! And I promise to share some picture with you soon.

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