Since I can think I have been a huge huge fan of three floor because their creations always – really always! – perfectly match my style and my taste of colors and shapes. The dresses are always looking so extravagant and pompous, but at the same time they spread out a so much elegance and femininity. Usually wearing just a dress is so boring to me because it needs absolutely no creativity, I have a bias towards combinations because that what makes a style outstanding and creative!  Not just putting a beautiful dress on and that’s it. Of course wearing just a simple dress can look amazing – but the fact is it’s still not creative (the only one who was creative was the designer who made it.) BUT for this dresses I would definitely make an exception!

Find the dresses here: 
red/white one
purple one
purple/green one


  1. Those dresses are so interesting and beautiful! I LOVE the second one.<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>