Hi my dear followers and other readers

his blog entry is about some fashionshow for spring 2011! I made collages, so I don’t have to post thousands of photos. If you want to see it in full size, please click on the photo! If you want to see more pictures, please click on label name!

I’m so in love with all the dresses designed by Roberto Cavalli. They’re look so unique and romantic and the choice of colors is great! I love pastels! Also I really really love the designs of Mary Katrantzou! So special and cool! The Moschino designs are great aswell, especially the color combinations!



  1. She presented her collection at he Zurich Fashion Days and she's won the 11. Swiss Textiles Award then, that's why I know her! She's great!

  2. Mary Katrantzou&#39;s collection is beyond stunning. It totally stands out. Must say it&#39;s my favorite out of all of the above. (then McQueen&#39;s) Is that her first? I haven&#39;t seen anything from her before. <br />Way to go! That girl is gonna go far if she continues with that. How did you find out about her, I&#39;m curious?<br /><br />Leon<br /><br />www.LeonsEscapades.blogspot.com