Hi guys. All over the blogosphere the focus is on the fashion weeks in NY, London, Milan, Paris and Berlin. Unfortunately I’m not one of the blessed ones who had the opportunity to go there. But anyway, we all have a computer and we have our dearly beloved internet, so we leastwise have the chance to keep us up to date of the new trends for next summer (uuh, I can’t wait for it, although it’s just some days ago since summer’s definitely said goodbye here in Switzerland) by watching the pictures on vogue, style.com or similar platforms. And to feed you again with some news, I thought I wrote a short entry to show you my favorites of the bygone days.In Switzerland the biggest and most noted fashion event are the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich. They will take place 7-10 november. Currently I’m in touch with the managers, so maybe I have the opportunity to go there and share the expressions with you later on my blog. So cross your fingers for me.

As some of might already noticed I’m in process to update the blog. Some simple changes are already made and the big change comes closer. Just be a little more patient.


  1. Wow lovely Inspiration <3 Thank you for sharing <3


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