Hi everybody.  A few weeks ago I received an email from The Urban Apparel, so I checket out their website. I have to say there are so many cool things and I especially fell in love with the jewelleries. In the post I wrote a few days ago you could see some of their jewellery designs! So a few weeks ago I received my packet with a damn cool ring and a garment. I show you the ring now and later you’ll see the other item. I love the ring so much! It’s my favourite ring now! You like it too?

Vor ein paar Wochen erhielt ich eine Mail von The Urban Apparel, also habe ich mir sofort ihre Website angesehen. Ich muss sagen, es gibt wirklich viele schöne Sachen da, vorallem der Schmuck hat es mir angetan! Vor ein paar Wochen erhielt ich dann endlich mein Packet mit einem Ring und einem Kleiungsstück. I zeige euch jetzt den Ring, das andere Kleidungsstück werdet ihr dann später sehen. Ich liebe den Ring, es ist mein neuer Lieblingsring! Wie gefällt er euch?

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  1. really awesome, next time if you like something you don't say I love the ring so hard but I love the ring so much…hehe just a tip for next time :D <3

  2. amazing ring !! i want !!

  3. I WANT! x

  4. Wow the ring really is amazing!<br />I&#39;m gonna checkout the site immidiately after this comment :)<br /><br />♥

  5. aww de isch stilly :) like.

  6. Hah, that ring is sick! :)<br />http://www.fashionagony.blogspot.com/

  7. hey,<br />I do like it a lot! I just checked their website as well and I agree with you. their jewelery is great. I do also love the deer ring.<br /><br />X, Annie<br /><br />www.anniewear.de<br />www.anniewear.blogspot.com

  8. wow!i like it!)