So I was checking out the new designer collection hitting the stores in switzerland today. I have to say there are many beautiful things. But the quality is quiet cheap. I’m a little bit disappointed! But whatever the clothes look so great. And I had to try some on the yellow dress and the fur jacket. Both look amazing, I fell in love! But as I said some times before the prices are pretty high maybe I’ll still buy one of those two thing when they’re not sold out in the next 2 days. haha. So I did some pictures to show you how it looks on me :)) Sorry for the quality, put the blame on my mobile phone ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, that dress looks absolutely amazing on you!<br />Love your hair btw!<br /><br />x Je suis Sophie<br />

  2. While searching the net, I found your blog.. and got extremely amazed by what I saw here. You don&#39;t look like an only 19-year-old-girl…<br />Unfortunately my blog is in Portuguese (I&#39;m Brazilian =/ ), and therefore you probably cannot read it.. but It was a pleasure to be here anyway.<br /><br /><br />A huge kiss!

  3. I love it!

  4. Oh, It&#39;s sad to hear that the quality is quiet cheap :( because this collection is pretty expensive and it&#39;s Lanvin.<br />I haven&#39;t seen it, but I was so excited.<br />These are great pieces that You choose, but most of all I love fur coat! Because You can wear it with anything – jeans and sweatpants and then change to some chic evening dress.<br /><br />xo Ra<br /><br />http://

  5. Hey girl! I completely agree with you! the collection looks great but feels cheap!<br />I absolutely adore you!! You are so young yet you have such a great sense of style, you are one blogger to look out for! I enjoy all your outfits and am glad I discovered you! Take care, xx Nadine

  6. Magnifique collection ! Et même avec ton téléphone tu nous fais rêver ! J&#39;ai pas eu l&#39;occasion d&#39;y faire un tour pour l&#39;instant, mais ça ne saurait tarder ! En tout cas tu es sublime dans cette robe jaune !

  7. is the jacket faux?

  8. mmm i agree with you, the quality looks poor, when i saw the runway photos i loved every single dress…but, i don&#39;t know, it looks different.<br />u,u

  9. Love it!<br /><br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt;

  10. <i>love the fur coat!</i> visit me again soon.<br /><br /><i>xoxo Monrore</i><br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Fashion Steele NYC</a>

  11. I love your blog so mutch! ^^ I&#39;m following you by now!

  12. yes the yellow dress looks kinda cheap :/

  13. nice

  14. i didn&#39;t buy anything:( :(:(<br />Everything was gone by the time i went to the store..<br /><br />

  15. yellow dress looks cheap, you should go for the fur!

  16. Looks great on you but I agree the pricing is crazy!

  17. Real nice on you!

  18. the dress looks so good on you :)

  19. Love love love love! That yellow is such a beautiful color on you.

  20. Yellow loves you!! Beautifully:)