Hi my lovely followers and other readers

I’m working at the moment but I don’t have that much to do, so I had time do some things for myself. I tried to sketch few designs. I know I’m not really good in it, but I hope some of you may like it. It was just for fun and it was really fun. I think I’ll do that more often in the next time. If you want, I’ll show you the next ideas and sketches too.

Hope you have a great day.
Much love

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  1. Michèle these designs are GREAT! I am sure they would make really popular clothing! You should really try to sow them someday! :)<br />I am definitely looking forward to see more of your drawings! These are just Amazing!!!<br />Naomi L.<br />http://fashion-is-my-religion.blogspot.com/

  2. love these, great ideas, I can&#39;t sketch like that!

  3. These are fun and such great ideas. Keep creating!

  4. Both designs look cute, keep on drawing!

  5. wow! those sketches look amazing! you are so talented. really! love the details in your looks. <br />hope to see more ideas soon!<br /><br />X, Annie<br /><br />check out my blog, if you want to :) I just started with blogging on…:<br /><br />http://www.anniwear.blogspot.com

  6. wie schön! willst du denn designerin werden? oder machst du das einfach gerne?

  7. What?! These are great!!! I really look forward to more, and I love the details you provided for each outfit.

  8. Keep going, quite good drawings. ;)