Made a new shoe design again. I guess it’s my absolute favourite and I hope sometime I can produce them. That would be my dream! Yeah, it would!! So I hope you like it too. It’s one shoe design (not two or so). It should represent the american flag. So what do you think about it?

Ich kritzelte soeben ein neues Schuhdesign. Ich glaube es ist mein absoluter Favorit und ich hoffe, dass ich sie irgendwann, irgendwie herstellen lassen kann. Das wäre mein Traum, oh ja, das wäre es! Ich hoffe ihr mögt es auch. Es ist ein Design (nicht zwei). Es sollte so quasi die amerikanische Flagge darstellen. Also, was denkt ihr?

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  1. Gefällt mir! Könnte ich mir sehr gut auf den Laufstegen vorstellen.


  3. american style? :)

  4. Oh wow Michèle! I really do hope you produce these shoes so I can buy them! :) These are great designs! You really have talent!<br /><br />Naomi L.<br /><br />

  5. I would so wear these!! They&#39;re gorgeous :) xx

  6. pretty :)

  7. @emma: the shoes are one pair!! so together they sould represent the american flag!<br />I tried one with half stripes, half stars but I like it better this way, the left shoe with stripes the right with stars ;)

  8. oh gott, die schueh sind atemberaubend *.*<br /><br />echt mega schöööööön ♥<br />i würs uf jede fall kaufe &amp; druck der fest d&#39;dume das irgendwenn hergstellt werded ;D :*

  9. oh my they are gorgeous. you are so talented. please stop by my blog as well: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a><br /><br /><br /><br />X, Annie<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

  10. du bist echt talentiert !<br />Hoffe du machst was daraus!<br /><br />&gt; mein neuer blog :<br /><br />

  11. I love the shoes

  12. I like them both, but the stripped one doesn&#39;t say &#39;American Flag&#39; to me, more like &#39;candy kane&#39;. Maybe you could combine the two? So one half is stars and the other is stripes?

  13. i would wear them fourth of july! they look fun.

  14. I would wear them (:<br />They&#39;re gorgeous !<br />xManon

  15. I would totally buy those!<br />x