Printed skirts! The reason why I’m such a lover of printed skirt is, that they are some of the easiest items to compose a great look. They are eye catchers, so you don’t have to think a lot about what top or sweater to wear, just take a simple all one color sweater, shirt or whatever. Or if you’re brave, mix it with other prints. Here are some skirts I really fell in love with, especially the ones from Mary Katrantzou (how couldn’t I, her prints are always breathtaking!). The skirts I personally own are the 2 ones at the bottom, they’re more affordable.

1. J. Crew via net-a-porter
2. Mary Katrantzou via net-a-porter
3. Mary Katrantzou via net-a-porter
4. Jane Norman via Zalando
4. Jane Norman via Zalando


  1. I <b>adooore</b> Mary Katrantzou &lt;3 !

  2. ohh!! I forgot insert the link!! Sorry. <br /><br />http://moisesnieto.bigcartel.c.....tone-print

  3. Have a look to this skirt. Moises nieto is a spanish young designer, he is amazing. I hope you like him.<br />I love your blog. Kisses from Spain

  4. I think these are lovely. All very Versace which seems to be so in right now.<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>