Are there any better colors than yellow or gold tones for the upcoming spring/summer season? I can’t wait to get out my pumps and high heels instead of wearing boots the whole time. As I don’t have any yellow shoes yet (whyever) I guess I need to start looking for the perfect pair. So I finally browsed through the www for some minutes and made a few finds. Aren’t they all pretty? If I had the money I would probably get all of them!

They are from:
Giuseppe Zanotti (1st, left),
Saint Laurent Paris (1st, right),
Bottega Veneta (2nd, left),
Asos (2nd and 3th, right)

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  1. Love the colour choice!<br />Check out our blog <br /><br />xx

  2. love it &lt;3<br /><br />xx<br />

  3. I seriously want them all!!! suck a great pick dear!!!<br /><br />can&#39;t wait for spring when I see this!!<br /><br />xoxo Tamara Chloé<br /><br /><br />

  4. Awesome color to kick off the season! So ready for Spring fashion.<br /><br />

  5. good yellow selection !! nice shoes, all of these ♥<br /><br />

  6. Beautiful!I love the Saint Laurent heels!