Wooohooo, I became a style icon on chictopia and I’m registrated not even a month, guys thank you so much, thats so damn cool! Only 6 members become a style icon per month and the first month I joined I become one of them. Great, great, great! I’m so happy about that, I can’t believe it! =D I love you guys


  1. Really?? Wow, I had no idea :o<br />Thank you so much!

  2. Well… it&#39;s even more special if you realize there over 150 000 chictopians :D congrats Michèle!! You are absolutely stunning and deserve this :D

  3. @Jan: Me too, hahaha, and that&#39;s why it is so fantastic for me to become a style icon there. I didn&#39;t do that much there because don&#39;t really understand too. :))<br />I also didn&#39;t saw that i&#39;m nominated to get a style icon till a friend told me =D haha

  4. fantastic blog:)follow you,follow me?

  5. Wow that&#39;s so cool!<br />I&#39;ve got chictopia, but I don&#39;t use it that often, maybe I&#39;ve got to be more active!<br />But I don&#39;t really understand it haha!<br /><br />♥

  6. congrats!:)<br /><br />http://jollburrfashion.blogspot.com