I noticed this kind of clothing the first time, when I saw the pictures of the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 12/13 Collection (which is one of my favorite collections ever!). That was 3/4 year ago I guess. Well in the last days the pictures come back to my mind. I don’t know why I remembered it, but probably I quickly saw a picture of someone wearing one of the items or something like that). Anyway, I totally fell in love with this prints and fabric though it’s kind of granny-style it’s very cool and looks absolutely modern in my eyes. It’s all about the way how to style it. For example tapestry pants combined with a leather top in contrast looks totally cool and totally the opposite of old-fashioned. Currently I’m in search of a tapestry piece. I’m thinking about getting a coat, pant or skirt… or maybe everything and combining them together. Combining similar prints together is one of my biggest passion. Many people think you can’t wear similar (or absolutely contrasting) prints together, I have a different opinion and find that mixing prints can be very interesting and it’s very outstanding.


  1. awesome!

  2. I really like that peplum top <br /><br />www.redlipstickandchampagnedreams.com

  3. Oh, a new trend!! :D