Today my new iPhone case with wings arrived. Isn’t it simply awesome and even more cute? I’m sure in some time everybody will walk around with one just like the rabbit case which I bought one and a half year ago and now every 16 year old girl got one. So definitely time for a change now, isn’t it? Maybe I shouldn’t share actually so I can hide it from everybody hihi :D and enjoy the time I’m the only one I’ve got one. But hey it’s way to cute not to share. I just couldn’t resist. I’m wondering how long the wings will stay at their place. Enjoy your day!


  1. I ordered it on ebay, just search for angel iphone case or wing iphone case;)<br />

  2. where does it come from babe?!! totally love it :)<br />I already have a bulldog by marc jacobs and pink teddybear by moschino – but this one is supercute :)<br />kisses<br /><br />