Hi everybody. I don’t want to write that much, so I’m gonna do it short. I specially noticed the “obi belts” in the color block inspired Gucci collection. Since then I really like the belts and because of that I’d like to show you some examples.

Will nicht viel schreiben, fasse mich also kurz. Vor allem aufgefallen sind mir die so genannten “Obi Belts” bei der Color Block inspirierten Gucci Kollektion. Seither mag ich sie total und möchte euch deshalb ein paar Beispiele.


  1. That first Gucci outfit is on so many celebrities and I've seen so many bloggers blog about it that it no longer appeals to me, but I like your compilation of other Obi belts on the runway. Nice! Thanks for sharing

  2. They are lovely! I think i even have one like that. :)<br /><br />http://la-fille-porcelaine.blogspot.com/

  3. loooove paul &amp; joe belts ;D<br /><br /><br />STREET LIFE: DAISY LOWE @ Elie Saab Show http://magmoiselle.fr