Moving day is just around the corner! As you might already noticed if you’re constantly checking my Facebook page, I finally move to a new apartment and seriously, I can’t wait for the moving day to be finally here. I’m crazy in mood for decorating my new home and can’t wait to finally rig up my 4m long wardrobe! Yay! Finally my beloved clothes don’t need to lay and hang everywhere as they don’t fit in the small closet I currently have. Finally I got some space! Finally my first very own home! Therefor it’s time to get inspired now and plan everything (yes, I’m such an hopeless planing addicted person).

I already ordered my huge wardrobe and a single shoe closet and of course the most important thing: the bed! It’s the one you see above! Isn’t it a dream, love the romantic line and I think I most probably gonna buy exactly the same flower beddings as well. But don’t worry about a totaly corny room as my boyfriend did. I promise, the bed is one of the only cheesy things in there (besides the beautiful “branches” table you can find below, which I also bought quite some time ago, because it was true love at first sight). The rest will be very clean and a mix of retro and modernity and lots of cool details (look at that eye-catching bottle lamp {second to last picture} I just ordered yesterday) but you will get a sight at it as soon as it’s viewable. When all the moving boxes are unpacked and disposed. I seriously hope the whole process wont take to long as honestly I’m a very untalented person in technical stuff.

So I’m more than thankful to have my family and my BF who will help me out with collecting my furniture in the different stores, driving the big van I’ve rented (yes, I’m a very untalented driver as well, so I won’t risk to drive such a huge vehicular) and rigging up the wardrobes, bed and everything. So let’s stop talking because I really have to pack my things now. Only one week is left until the moving day! So enjoy these inspirations and you might find some pieces you want for your very own home for that reason there are also some pictures with numbers with piece you can shop through the links below!

Find the pieces of the numbered pictures here:

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