Time for another product post: this time I have collected 6 of my favorite sunglasses all in transparent, white or nude tones, what means suitable for almost every outfit! I have browsing through the www in search for shades in different price ranges and now I have listed up some which are afforable for everyone and some which are a little bit more expensive. So everyone can find something for him/her budget for sure! My absolute favs are the outstanding ones from Miu Miu, I’m really playing with the idea of ordering them right now. But for first I have to find a shop which sells them to try it on as I always have problems to find the perfect glasses which fits the shape of my face. Always a long long search which starts all summer all over again, but at the end I always find a pair. I must admit that they’re mostly from H&M and so pretty cheap. That’s why I’m starting my search every year again. Probably I should invest in a bit more expensive pair which I can keep for years!

Top, left: Karen Walker
Top right: Asos
Middle, left: Topshop
Middle, right: Tom Ford
Bottom left: Miu Miu
Bottom, right Linda Farrow

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  1. A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous —— Coco Chanel

  2. great sunglasses

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  6. ASOS… especially~

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  9. You know? I&#39;ve been tempted to try the Topshop shades but not sure because I&#39;ve had surgery on my eyes before and need to be very careful and make sure I wear full range protection lens so I go for the recognized brands but this is not the 1st time I fall in love with their sunglasses.<br />Cute choices. thanks<br />XX,<br /><b><a href="http://instagram.com/styleidnet/#&quot; rel="nofollow">**

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  26. I love all your picks. Yes the ones from Miu Miu are my favs too but the Karen Millen ones are not bad either :)<br /><br />xx

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    • Hey Michele,<br /><br />Adore your blog sweetie, loving these Sunnies.<br /><br />Obsessed with the Tom Fords!<br /><br />Keep up the great work.<br /><br />xx