Happy Monday loves! Today‘s blog post is about to be little different then the usual ego posts! As you know, if you have been following my blog as well as my social media channels for a while, I am a huge sports freak since quite some time – you surely remember the latest collab with my favorite sport brand adidas. So when I was contacted by the team of bwin in order to play a part in their campaign “Women in Sports” I could not say no – not only for the reason that I’m a sucker for sport myself but rather because women are still not as respected in sports as men are, even thought nowadays there are enough sportswomen who have indeed proved they are as good as their male comrades!

Women in Sports are often imagined as half-male (you know… boisterous behavior… six-pack belly etc. etc.). I would even say some groups of men are  afraid of women who are sportier than themselves. A super sporty woman standing next to an untrained man involuntarily makes him looking less masculine and what goes with it? It wounds his pride! Well, well, the longer I think about it, the  clearer it is to me why men are still adamant that they are the better athletes. You are just afraid about losing your masculine pride, huh?

Actually the point is that most women who are excellent in competitive sports would not stand out to be in their daily lives at all. If we take the amazingly beautiful Russian ex-tennis player Anna Kurnikowa – also known as Enrique Iglesias girlfriend – as an example you will rapidly notice that women can look like super models while being a super athletes as well. One thing does not rule out the other! In various ways Anna is a big idol to me. For one reason because of her incredible talent: she started when she was only five years old and by the time she reached her 14th birthday in 1995, she already played her first professional match. Two years later she already reached the semi-final at Wimbledon. But just as important as her talent is the fact that she always perfectly kept the difficult balance between being a strong athlete on the court at one side and a soft, feminine woman in her regular life on the other side!

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