Clap clap, jump jump, yay, yay! I’m sure you know why I’m so excited! I finally received the result of the MCM shooting which took place last tuesday. I checked my mail like every 5min the last couple of days in hope that the photos already are in my mailbox and yesterday the day finally came.  So I can’t hold them back from you anymore! Here you go!

The occasion of the shoot was a “Blogger Makeover” planned my MCM and the lovely Sandra Bauknecht who has invited me to be a part of these shooting. I can tell you, it was awesome to get a professional makeup and hairstyle done. Berry Erwanto did an amazing job with doing my makeup. Well, actually he even inspired me to use a little more makeup for my skin in my daily live. As you might see in most of my photos I never wear any makeup like foundation, concealer etc on my skin.  Never ever. (I didn’t even know for what this products are good for) I used to just do my eyes and sometimes my lips. But after seeing myself in the mirror and afterwards in pictures with this beautiful porcelain skin I won’t miss this anymore. (Am I crazy when I tell you that I have spent half of my weekend with watching makeup tutorials on youtube?)

To be honest, I’m not quite satisfied with the result as I find myself strangely having a weird expression on my face. But maybe it’s just myself who is too self-critical and too perfectionist. (At this point sorry to my lovely photographer Joy who generally takes my outfit pictures. She always needs to take thousands of pictures until I’m happy with the result). But now back to the theme. Even if I don’t like my facial expression, I enjoyed an amazing day with the team at the set and it was a great new experience as I never did modeling before. Thanks for the great organization and for inviting me goes to MCM and Sandra Bauknecht, the PR-Team (especially Madeleine), and of course to the whole team and the other 2 bloggers which were invited!


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  45. love these pics babe but have to say (huge sorry for that) that maybe you look little bit older in here (unnecessarily) and you definitely DO NOT NEED this kind of retouch :( you are beautiful by your natural way ♥<br />kisses<br /><br /><br />