Here we go with the second look I styled for the amazing little boutique called Studio5! In this post it’s all about leather, it’s an all over leather look but in different colors and kinds of leather. The jacket and the top are the same leather and I really love how they go together with this simple layering. The skirt is suede and feels sooooo soft you won’t believe it until you touch it. Seriously fell in love with this high quality material and also with its electric blue color. Btw it’s also available in a shiny yellow color (visible in a picture bellow on my lovely friend Joy).

Outfit of the day 
Leather Jacket: Simonetta Ravizza via Studio5
Leather Top: Tibi via Studio5
Suede Skirt: Simonetta Ravizza via Studio5
Clutch: Desiree Lai via Studio5
Necklace: Jeweliq via Studio5


  1. Hi Michele, it would sound maybe crazy, but your photos are so cool that if I was an animal, I would be very happy to give my skin for being your leather shoes and clothes.<br />It looks the right way !!<br />

  2. those heels are to die for! :)<br /><br />-Jessi<br /><br />

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  7. love the black and blue together! and those shoes are so gorgeous :)<br /><br />xoxo alison<br />

  8. Loving this leather jacket<br /><br />x karen<br />

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  22. I love mixing different textures and fabrics. Super beautiful!<br /><br />

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