Happy weekend loves! Now that I prepare this post it is a little bit after 2AM saturday morning and I am actually super sleepy and ready to fall in bed and at the same second fall asleep. I am definitely not made for long evenings but rather prefer to be up early in the morning instead. Well, looks like I am getting old. My 23rd birthday isn’t far anymore, Anyway, the reason I am still up, sitting in front of my macbook is my will to get this post online as soon as possible after I was not able to share it two days ago due to the lack of time and had to fall back on a common outfit post. I promised to share my Berlin experiences and the actual occasion for our trip to Berlin, the Zalando Blogger Awards, very soon. Therefor you should no longer wait! Here we go!

Alright, most of you guys probably stumbled over my Berlin snapshots on Facebook and Instagram already and most of your already know the background. After one hour in the plane and a short taxi drive, we reached our super cozy hotel located in the city center in the midmorning of the past monday, July 7 2014. Spotting two boxes of upper delicious, pastel colored divineness – also knowns as macarons – while entering the door of our room made us definitely feel as snug as a bug in a rug from the beginning. Thanks to our early arrival we used the afternoon to explore the center of Berlin! More or less punctual at 8PM the actual fairytale begun! The Fashion Fraction was invited as a nominee for the Swiss Newcomer Award! As the already mentioned early bird that I am, I and my boyfriend, who accompanied me for once, arrived as the very first guest and had the pleasure of a very warm welcome by the amazing Zalando team at their Skylounge with a breathtaking view over the city bathed in the glowing, warm light of the setting sun

When the sun almost entirely sunk, the Award Show officially begun. In total there were five categories what means five lucky winners at the end of the evening. While the three Newcomer Awards were reserved for Germany, Austria as well as Switzerland, the other two awards “Peoples Choice” and ” Fashion Jury” were both given to bloggers based in Germany. I could not believe when I heard the presentress starting to talk about the first winner of the Newcomers, describing her as a shoe addict barely never walking in flats. I immediately knew, that must be me – and I was right! But still was somehow in disbelieve to really, really, REALLY be the winner – but I was, and I still can’t believe! I am so incredibly thankful to see The Fashion Fraction, my baby, my passion over years, getting honored by one of my favorite online shops and being chosen as a winner by such a high-level fashionable Jury! A big cyber hug goes to everyone of my loyal readers! You are the ones who are motivating me to keep going, to improve all the time and to reinvent myself every day anew. This awards is dedicated to all of you!

Get the look
Blouse: Maje
Skirt: Zara (similar here!)
Necklace: Shourouk via Monnier Frères
Bag: Saint Laurent Paris
Pumps: Jimmy Choo (also available here!)

Photography: Stefan Benninger / Edit: Me

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  3. VERY NICE CLOTHING, we are glad we came across your site!

  4. Congrats girl!! You deserve it all, your blog is fabulous!

    Und mal auf Deutsch: freue mich schon auf alles was noch zu kommen ist :) Was du hier immer schriebst ist einfach super!!



  5. So amazing this look, casual but so so chic at the same time
    I love it

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :D


  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Liebes!

  8. This event looks really great and a massive congratulations on your award! Wow! :)



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  11. Your outfit is so cute! I loved how you mixed textures, amazing!



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