Happy tuesday ladies and gentlemen. I am so glad to see you here on the blog again and share an amazing experience with you! As you know from my social media platform I have been personally invited by Swarovski to be a part of their presentation at the well known watch and jewelry exhibition “Baselworld” lately. Arrived at their booth placed in the middle of the impressive, huge halls of the exhibition I did not come out from being astonished by the beauty of every single pieces displayed everywhere. Pure magic, pure beauty, pure creativity!

As if the honor of just being invited by Swarovski itself would not be enough, I even had the honor to meet the super talented Nathalie Colin (right on the picture) – Creative Director of Swarovski – as well as the beautiful Shourouk Rhaiem (left on the picture) herself – Founder and Designer for Shourouk Jewelry. Getting the watch collections of Swarovski – plus a special watch designed in collaboration with Shourouk coming in store in September (more about it later on the blog) – presented by themselves and having a personal talk with them was without doubt a big pleasure and incredibly interesting, as I am always curious to hear more about the background and process behind a piece of jewelry. Music is one of her big inspirations, Nathalie Colin clarified, but beside music there are lots of other influences having a big say on her design ideas especially people on the street and cultures. At this point I have to speak out a hearty thanks so these two lovely ladies for their time and for the worthy insights.

Now, I will let the pictures and the jewelry speak for themselves, as I could not couch in terms the beauty of them as for me these are not only jewelry anymore, but rather they are real art pieces! Enjoy!

Just one last mention for my swiss readers, or the international ones who are currently in Switzerland by chance: the Baselworld will be open for visitors until April 3, 2014. Come by and take a look if you find the time, it is indeed worth it!


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