About a week ago I was part of the Hermès event with the sonorous name: Jeux D’Hermès. I can tell you, the motto was completely taken by its word! The little party took place in the store in Zurich and everything was wonderfully decorated and everywhere were little games placed where the guests were able to take try out. To be honest, I forwent playing one of the games as my footwear was… well, lets say… not that appropriate. Or did you ever jump rope in 12cm Jimmy Choos? I hope that’s excuse enough to be the party pooper. Besides there were so many other things to discover… why wasting time with playing games when at the same time you have the opportunity to get one of these fab silk Hermès scarf for shooting a photo at the photostudio they arranged in an corner?

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Outfit of the day (click to view item)
Blouse: Stolen from Moms wardrobe
Leather Skirt: Harrods
Hat: New Icons
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Belt: Morgan
Bag: Chanel


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