After a little review of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich Opening Gala and an outfit post dedicated to my dress for this occasion we finally go on with the first part of the Closing Night which took place at saturday evening and was split in two shows, the first started at 5PM and the second one at 9PM. Since I have spied so many beautiful looks this time in both of the shows I thought it’s better to split them in two posts of these this one is the first post about the first show at 5PM. Just like the show at wednesday, there were four designers presenting their collections for spring/summer 2014 but this time all the designer were swiss… no wonder as in fact the shows at saturday are called “swiss selection”.

I went to the shows with actually no expectations (please note that this is not the same as bad expectations!) as in my eyes swiss designs are mostly still quite conventional and reserved but I find the swiss fashion industry gets more and more interesting and individual, so I just didn’t know what to expect. Well, I can tell you that I was very surprised by some of the collections! In a positive way! Besides some looks which were exactly what I had in mind when I my brain heard  “swiss design”, there were many many looks in the first show which I loved pretty much. Most of all, the collections of Laend Phuengkit and Family Affairs caught my attention. But also loved the playful and cute collection of Van Bery and the clean line of the Perret Schaad designs. It were the last two shows and also the last two picture series below! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do, especially because I got placed in the front row which allowed me to take full body shots of the looks. Yay!

>Even if I found these two last shows quite interesting, the next row of presentations at 9PM blow my mind even more and therefor I can’t wait to show you my favorite looks in pictures within the next days. So come back soon if you don’t want to miss the top of the top of all days! I promise the next Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich post will totally flash you with all the beautiful upcoming looks! Thank you Mercedes-Benz for doing such an amazing work in terms of supporting fashion here in Switzerland and for the perfect organization during all these past couple of days which will surely stay in mind of all the people who have been a part!


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  5. Nice collection, thank you for shared.<br />Your look is so nice, I like the skirt with plaid<br />xx<br />L.<br />

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  17. Looks like it was a fun time! Love getting a peek into this show!<br /><br />xo Mary Jo

  18. Oh how lovely! Love this collection and I like your outfit. xTM

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  20. Ooh, I love those neon yellow wide leg pants!<br /><br />

  21. nice tartan top my dear :)<br /><br />

  22. Love so many of these looks especially the use of bright colours.

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  31. The show featured some incredible designs and you looked stunning as well. Love the boots! ;)<br /><br />My favorite from the pictures is the Perret Schaad Show. I love how simple the pieces are and yet the choice of fabrics gives it a sophisticated essence. Awesome post! <br /><br /><br /><br />

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  38. I love and really enjoy looking at unique pieces. I understand what you mean, sometimes Im the same way, I just want to be surprised. You are looking beautiful in plaid and I love that belt, it adds a nice finishing touch. <br /><br />-Vogue&amp;Heels<br />

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