Yesterday I had the honor of attending the Mode Suisse fashion shows. To explain: it’s an annual event in Switzerland which takes place in Zurich and even in Geneva and it’s pretty similar to the Zurich Fashion Days. Even most of the designers who were showing their new collections where the same. It’s not like the Fashion Weeks you may know from Paris, Milan, New York or London. It’s just at one day and there are several designer showing their collections one after another. So all the shows take place in one location (which was way to small). At first I was pretty annoyed that they didn’t want to give us a seating place, only a standing one. Not only because I was to lazy to stand, it was more because my aching back. But for luck they came and gave us a place to seat because some of the invited guys who had a seat didn’t attend, so there were some free places left for us. And everything turned out perfectly when we spied places in the front row. From then on we could enjoy the rest of the night by looking the shoes and taking advantage of the goodie bags which contained a lovely red lipstick and mascara from MAC Cosmetics.

All in one I must say I enjoyed the evening, but mostly because I have met all my blogger friends one again to talk about the shows, our daily live, our blogger live and so on. But the  event itself was not what I expected because there where not even free drinks or nibbles. A prosecco (a very small one) was about 12CHF ($10) and there was no food to eat (only some very small pieces of sandwiches but I don’t count that because they were also pretty overpriced). Please don’t think now I’m only carping on the event because actually I loved being there. There were just a few important points which were definitely not how they should have been. Thanks to all the other swiss bloggers and to Mode Suisse for this nice evening.

Btw. I was wearing an all white look including my current favorite two items. The Chanel and of course the amazing Alexander Wang heels which I was wearing the first time for this occasion.

Blazer, Necklace: Zara
Top, pants: Mango
Trench: Borrowed from boyfriend
Bag: Chanel
Joan mule pumps: Alexander Wang
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. you look gorgeous in this outfit! 8)

  2. omg! amazing!

  3. Gorgeous necklace! <br />

  4. looks amazing!

  5. I love this suit

  6. How class you are !! and I did&#39;t even see you ..<br /><br />

  7. lovely outfit, so chic!<br />

  8. I love your blouse &lt;3 <br /><br />

  9. Wow! Such a stunning outfit! I love it from head to toe. &lt;3<br />Xx<br />Rhea<br />

  10. This outfit is amazing!<br /><br />

  11. Love it &lt;3<br /><br />

  12. S white on white Outfit het dir mega guet gstande und Location isch echt super gsi aber scho es wenig z chli. D Show het mir aber alles in allem scho gfalle! :)

  13. Great outfit!<br />

  14. You look gorgeous in this total white look…love the necklace!<br />xoxo<br /><br />

  15. gorgeous necklace! You look stunning!<br /><br />

  16. gorgeous, stunning, awesome – love it !<br />xo<br /><br />