Happy saturday my hard working friends. Finally time for another two days of quality time again! Yay! As I told ya a few days ago I am currently visiting my hair dresser to get my hair done! Finally! Had to stood up way to early today to arrive there in time. ‘Yawn’! But hey it is gone be a good day!

Before I lose track what this post actually is about I should start telling you before continuing with ego stories. So as you know – if you read this blog loyally or check my facebook from time to time – I have been attending the mode suisse edition 5 two weeks ago (I apologize the delay of this post but hey, the best comes last or so). It is the one fashion show I am always looking forward the most since the showcased collections are from swiss designers. It always makes me so proud what talents such a small country can bring out! This season I was super impressed by the collection of my favorite swiss label “En Soie”! The pieces are absolutely timeless and so elegant! Don’t miss to check it on the pictures bellow!

Furthermore the labels Huber Egloff as well as Claudia Zuber made a huge impact to me! Absolutely amazing designs but yet totally wearable in every day life! Take a look at the “Z” sweater of Claudia Zuber! Isn’t it freakin cool? I want it – you want it – everybody want it, right? Next to these established brands in Switzerland I am always particularly curious what the students of HEAD Genève (a swiss design school) bring up for the show and I they didn’t let me down once again! Their pieces were absolutely outstanding and absolutely cool but seriously, I can’t describe it so just scroll through the pictures bellow and build your own mind about their and all the other collections! Huge congratulations to those young talents as well as to all the other designers who participated the shows! Thank you for having me!

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  1. what a great post. love your outfit and thanks so much for sharing these photos

  2. amazin post, sweety))) happy monday))) xoxo)))

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  7. Gorgeous pictures!<br /><br />X Sara

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  18. We have the exact same hair texture!

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