Good morning everybody. For today I prepared another event post that allows everybody of you a little insight in where I spent my past tuesday evening: The “Osterzucker” (Engl.: Easter sugar) Event of an aspiring swiss bag label called “Mugon”where Anna Jost (in the third picture), the beautiful and super talented designer of each and every piece, presented the new collection for Spring/Summer 2014. At the very beginning let me tell you just a few words about the brand itself. The brand name “Mugon” stems from the Japanese language where the word means as much as “Silence” and I absolutely underline this motto for the whole collection due to the modest style every piece serves! Consummate clean lines and stylish understatement come upon usefulness and premium material as well as workmanship. At this point I need to mention that all the bags are handmade under fair working conditions and payment in a small craftsmanship in Venetia where love for details loom large. Ladies, what more could one want? Style, functionality and fair production! That’s it! That’s all!

The event took place at the very top of the “redbox house” with a mind-blowing few over the glimmering Lake Zurich in the sunset light. Swiss singer/songwriter Lea Lu who is the brand ambassador of Mugon was giving a private concert with even yet unreleased songs which obviously touched everyone’s heart and soul. Without doubt the ambience was magical and played a big part in the snuggly atmosphere while the bags were still in focus and every single guest seemed to fell in love with at least one of the presented pieces. Shall I reveal my very own favorite? Well, it’s the pistachio clutch with the blonde braid band (check the fourth picture). Isn’t it absolutely breath-taking? On the one hand totally outstanding on the other still reserved thanks to the soft tones. An absolute must have in my spring summer wardrobe! But actually I am a big fan of almost every piece as mentioned above, those bags actually serve every crucial point that is important to me in terms of bags, well, in terms of clothing in general. What is you favorite? I am curious to hear your thoughts in a short comment. Let me know.

By the way, almost all of the bags you can spot in the following images are ready to order on the Mugon online shop. So make sure to pay a visit if there is one or more pieces you fell in love with. Furthermore you can visit the designers by prior appointment at Heinrichstrasse 267A, 8005 Zürich. Wish you a wonderful easter weekend (again) and if you are from Switzerland, don’t miss your chance to win one of 3 x 2 Tickets for the NRJ Fashion Night here!


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  6. Hola querida Michele precioso tu publicación y por supuesto tu look, me encanto tu blog, te sigo de inmediato, besos :)

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  8. These bags look so lovely! Your outfit is perfection! The maroon bag caught my eye! <br /><br />xo, Vanessa <a href="; rel="nofollow">(Delightful Sunflower)</a><br />

  9. Hola querida Michele precioso tu publicación y por supuesto tu look, me encanto tu blog, te sigo de inmediato, besos :)

  10. Look as nice event! like your stripes blouse, have a nice weekend and tahnsk for visit to my blog :)<br /><br />

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  12. wow, the bags are really beautiful! love them all, but especially the nude leather ones! &lt;3

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  14. Great outfit and lovely smile :D Those bags were awesome :D <br /><br />

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  23. nice post and I like your look for this event :) <br /><br />

  24. Looks like such a lovely event! Shame I don&#39;t live in Zürich no more would love to see the bags myself!<br /><br />Much love xxx<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

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  34. you look amazing :) cute outfit :)

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  36. Sounds a very nice event, you are right, that clutch is too cute!:) Happy Easter weekend! xo

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  44. These bags are stanges but originals ! I like it. <br />Nice photos !<br />Johanna<br />

  45. These bags are really pretty! x<br />

  46. There are some really great looking bags here. Looks like you had great time on this event.<br /><br />

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